FZI Living Lab Service Robotics

Autonomous mobile robots for routine tasks in industry and everyday life

In the FZI Living Lab Service Robotics, new robotic basic technologies for environmental sensing, robot control, grip planning and human-robot interaction are developed that are used later in various FZI-wide user scenarios. The service robots support and relieve humans not only in routine tasks but they can also do strenuous or dangerous work.

Our objectives are:

  • to provide useful support for people in different situations – in a professional, public or private context – through service robots,
  • to combine cutting-edge industrial component parts and innovative sensor systems with our own mechatronic systems and comprehensive capabilities for perception, planning and motion control,
  • to design and implement biologically inspired six-legged walking robots, multi-segment modular inspection robots as well as various mobile platforms (such as a smart shopping trolley) up to mobile assembly or manufacturing robots and a two-armed assistive and service robot and
  • to develop basic technologies as well as new software and hardware interfaces for the latest sensor and actuator systems to merge these systems into service robots such as the assistive and companion robot HoLLiE.
  • HoLLiE uses a clever combination of multiple sensor systems in order to detect and understand its human counterpart and its surroundings. Thus, there is neither a keyboard nor a mouse connected to a PC needed to communicate with HoLLiE. In future, HoLLiE will be directly controllable through voice and gesture control.

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