FZI Living Lab Service Robotics

Methods, Technologies and Equipment

Various lightweight robot arms (Universal Robots, Kuka, Schunk, Denso), mobile platforms and numerous sensor systems as well as extensive software libraries for the control of different actuator systems and the evaluation of complex sensor data are available at the FZI Living Lab Service Robotics.  A list of the equipment can be found below.

Extensive expertise on the widespread Robot Operating System (ROS) software framework as well as adjusted or specifically developed ROS drivers as well as planning and controlling components.

Furthermore, the modular robot framework MCA2 was developed at the FZI, which can be used by our industrial project partners, in order to quickly exchange software but also hardware components between various robot systems and thus evaluate them on different platforms in various environments.

Numerous application scenarios are available, which can be used to test and further develop new algorithms or prototypes under conditions that are as realistic as possible in a secure environment.


Existing robotics hardware:

Service robots:

  • HoLLiE (2x 6-DoF arms (Schunk LWA 4P), 2x 9-DoF hands (Schunk SVH), mobile platform, active torso
  • LAURON (26-DoF)
  • KAIRO (3-DoF per joint)
  • KUKA Omnirob platform with two 6-DoF arms (KUKA LWA4)


  • 6-DoF Universal Robot UR5 (3x)
  • 6-DoF Universal Robot UR10 (3x)
  • 6-DoF Universal Robot eUR10
  • 6-DoF Schunk LWA 4P (2x)
  • 6-DoF KUKA Agilus KR10
  • 6-DoF Fanuc M-710i
  • 6-DoF DENSO VS087
  • 7-DoF FRANKA-EMIKA Panda


  • Schunk SVH, 9-DoF (2x)
  • Schunk PG-70+ (3x)
  • Schunk Co-Act EGP-C
  • Weiss WSG25
  • Robotiq 3-Finger-Hand
  • DLR HIT HAND II, 15-DoF (2x)
  • DLR HIT HAND I, 13-DoF (2x)


  • Fetch Freight
  • Clearpath Ridgeback
  • Clearpath Husky incl. Universal Robots UR5
  • TurtleBot


  • Optitrack Motion Tracking
  • Raise3D N2plus
  • Prusa MK3