Oliver Werthwein

Portrait von Oliver Werthwein
Oliver Werthwein
Embedded Systems and Sensors Engineering

Oliver Werthwein trained as an electronics technician for equipment and systems at R. STAHL AG and studied electrical engineering and information technology at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). He specialized in the field of "Information & Automation". During his studies, he was particularly interested in the fields of artificial intelligence, computational intelligence, computer vision, automation and digitalization.
He wrote his master's thesis entitled "Development and design of an AI-supported augmented vision human robot interface for controlling a robot arm" at the FZI.

Since July 2021, he has been working as a research scientist in the Department of Medical Information Technology (MIT) in the research area Embedded Systems and Sensors Engineering (ESS).

His personal research interests are applied artificial intelligence in the field of Computer / Machine Vision, Human Action Recognition and Data Science. Oliver Werthwein is currently coordinating the projects KI@JVA, ITERATION, ArNe, Digital Data Spaces and HybridVITA at the FZI.

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