Our Guiding Principles

Research is the motor of the future. The FZI Research Center for Information Technology as a non-profit institution under civil law stands for applied research and technology transfer. Since our foundation in 1985, we have been researching in various thematic fields of computer science. Through innovative research on the highest level and open-mindedness of technical innovations, we want to inspire with new ideas and solutions now and in the future.

We want to shape the future responsibly. We at the FZI are glad to make our contribution for the good of society. We act out of conviction and with future generations in mind.

Shaping future means having a clear orientation. Together we shape the culture of the FZI. Clear values and convictions guide us in our daily work – among each other and with our partners.

Developed by the Board of Executive Directors together with the researchers as well as the employees of the Research Center, the Code of Ethics summarises the convictions the FZI stands for as a whole. We also want to continuously give meaning to these values with life by our actions and protect them.

For this reason, we have set our own rules in form of a Code of Conduct, which is binding for all colleagues of the FZI. Lawful and value-oriented conduct is the basis of trust for our cooperation both with partners in companies and public institutions as well as at the FZI. Although, please note that the Compliance Management System of the FZI is still in the process of being established.

The Code of Ethics and the Code of Conduct of the FZI constitute the central pillars of our guiding principles. They are complemented by our management guidelines, which are also based on the same principles. They emphasise the particular significance of managers as role models.

These three guiding principles of the FZI define our self-perception, they shape our cultural principles and give us an orientation for our behaviour. At the same time, they protect us against risks and thus safeguard the further development and the future of the FZI.

Our guiding principles in detail

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