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MINGA "Munich's Automated Public Transport with Ridepooling, Solo Bus and Bus Platoons"

Automation of vehicles in local public transport

Start: 03/2023

End: 12/2025

In the context of the actual climate situation, society’s growing need for mobility requires new mobility solutions that are efficient and environmentally friendly. This applies in particular to Munich and the surrounding area. Here, a massive increase in population came with an equally significant surge of traffic volume. Every day, more than half a million commuters enter or leave the city, and most of them do so in their private car. The project MINGA is testing new alternatives for public transport on fixed routes. The focus lies on the development of new, innovative, flexible and customer-oriented services that transport passengers conveniently, autonomously and transfer-free, so-called on-demand services (ODM). In addition, buses driving in a line, so-called platoons, and an autonomous solo bus are being tested in real passenger operations and interlinked with the on-demand services. The integration into public transport structures, including fare simulations, is being investigated, and options for a permanent business model are being evaluated. Furthermore, the legal framework conditions for the operating permit and the harmonization of existing regulations are being investigated.

Together with its partners Stadtwerke München (München municipal utilities), Ebusco and KIT, the FZI will develop the platooning function for buses. Here, a bus enhanced with sensors will be enabled to automatically follow a human-controlled bus within a platoon. The FZI is focusing on the development of algorithms for trajectory planning and control as well as on the test concept for validating the automated driving function of the bus.


Stefan Otten​

Division Manager
Division: Embedded Systems and Sensors Engineering​

Research Focus

Intelligent Transportation Systems and Logistics

Intelligent solutions for the transportation of people and goods represent a focus topic of FZI’s application research. Particular attention is paid to public transport, the application of artificial intelligence, the further development of driving functions and their safeguarding, and open source & open data.

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