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The quantum leap for German industry

Start: 11/2020

End: 10/2023

Currently employed cryptographical schemes that secure our everyday IT systems are probably unbreakable with current computer technology. This, however, no longer applies to quantum computers. Cleverly designed quantum computing algorithms can theoretically break these schemes. Therefore, it is crucial to develop new cryptographic schemes that may resist quantum computers.

The German banking industry is heavily reliant upon cryptography. An obvious question is therefore: What requirements does the application landscape of the German banking industry impose on cryptography and which PQC schemes meet these requirements? We attempt to answer this question while generalizing our findings for other industry branches.

We analyze vulnerable IT system processes and components in order to develop proper countermeasures and adaptations. Finally, we develop a migration concept with concrete steps and publish our results such that they can be used in current standardization projects.


Wasilij Beskorovajnov

Research Scientist
Division: Innovation, Strategie und Transfer

Research focus

Safety, Security and the Law

The FZI focuses in this research area on the topics of resilience for critical infrastructures, managing security, legal tech and (post-)quantum cryptography, and also deals with the mutual influence of artificial intelligence on safety and security.

Funding notice:
The QuantumLeap project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK).

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