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Design of coworking spaces for white-collar employees

Start: 09/2021

End: 08/2024

The RealWork project deals with the opportunities and challenges of so-called coworking, which is also a pressing question of our time, not at least due to the changes caused by the Corona pandemic.

The study area is the region around Kiel, the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein. Over the course of three years, the project will examine what the most important success factors are for coworking spaces to succeed. Of special concern are the questions of how coworking can change mobility behavior and under what conditions the concept can also be profitable for employers and employees who have not previously worked on a mobile basis.

In addition, it will be determined which location factors and operator models are relevant for successful coworking spaces and what influence coworking spaces can have on commuting behavior and thus also on life in villages. Using a real-lab approach, the project team will verify and test the results of surveys and research in a test coworking space.

The goal of the project is to provide municipalities throughout Germany with a guide in 2024 that answers where, how and under what conditions coworking and coworking spaces function sustainably.

RealWork is a research project within the framework of the Kommunen.innovativ funding program set up by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and will run until August 2024.


Jonas Fegert

Department Manager
Division: Information Process Engineering

Research focus

Digital Democracy and Participation

In the Digital Democracy and Participation research focus the spotlight is on inclusive, modern and democratic forms of digital participation as well as the opportunities and challenges of digital democracy.

Climate Action Innovation

The research focus Climate Action Innovation aims to actively promote climate protection and create sustainable solutions in energy, mobility, production, and supply and disposal via IT innovations. Security aspects of the solutions are considered from the very onset.

Funding notice:
The RealWork project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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