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Robotic Systems for Decontamination in Hostile Environments

Start: 06/2018

End: 09/2022

The ROBDEKON competence center and the work of the FZI Research Center for Information Technology focus on developing robotic systems, technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods that can be used primarily in explosive or hostile environments – such as in contaminated areas or mine shafts at risk of collapse.

The aim is to protect people from danger in contaminated areas through intelligent robotic systems like the Husky robotic platform. In addition, the environment is relieved and hazards minimized by removing contamination. During the first phase of the project, a 3D mapping framework was developed to create high-resolution maps of the environment, which can be used for motion planning as well as for intuitive human-robot interactions at the control station.

The FZI focused on implementing memory- and computationally-efficient approaches that can also be used by flying drones in mine shafts. Furthermore, AI methods were modeled to enable the recognition of hazardous materials with little training data. An intelligent sorting system, for example, was developed to help separate different explosive batteries on a conveyor belt using stationary sensor and robot units. The ROBDEKON competence center thus contributes to civil security for a better quality of life in Germany.


Dr.-Ing. Arne Rönnau

Department Manager
Division: Intelligent Systems and Production Engineering

Research focus

Applied Artificial Intelligence

In this research focus, the FZI prioritizes the topics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as human and AI engineering. In addition, the FZI deals with questions on dedicated AI hardware and predictive AI.

Safety, Security and the Law

The FZI focuses in this research area on the topics of resilience for critical infrastructures, managing security, legal tech and (post-)quantum cryptography, and also deals with the mutual influence of artificial intelligence on safety and security.

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