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Bringing people together with virtual reality

Start: 08/2021

End: 07/2024

The Corona pandemic has also increased the demand for tools for digital participation and dialogue formats that make planning drafts tangible for all participants. For citizen participation formats in urban development, such as workshops and spatial explorations, participants must be present. They exclude people who, for example, are prevented from participating due to time constraints or physical barriers.

In the VIRTUS project, therefore, a communicative real-time participation platform is being developed using virtual reality applications that enable people to experience urban spaces and 3D models onsite as well as digitally and create spaces for personal interaction. Interested parties can participate in analog VR tours or do so from the comfort of their own homes. With digital space exploration, planners can present planned areas or urban development designs and hold variant discussions with stakeholders.

The aim of VIRTUS is to test and explore a cross-media immersive participation design that reaches as many participants as possible.


Dr. Jonas Fegert

Department Manager
Division: Information Process Engineering

Research focus

Digital Democracy and Participation

In the Digital Democracy and Participation research focus the spotlight is on inclusive, modern and democratic forms of digital participation as well as the opportunities and challenges of digital democracy.

Climate Action Innovation

The research focus Climate Action Innovation aims to actively promote climate protection and create sustainable solutions in energy, mobility, production, and supply and disposal via IT innovations. Security aspects of the solutions are considered from the very onset.

Funding notice:

The VIRTUS project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

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