Prof. Dr. Bernhard Beckert

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Beckert

Scientific Director
Software Engineering


Prof. Dr. Bernhard Beckert is Dean of the KIT Department of Informatics and leads the Research Group for Application-Oriented Formal Verification at the KIT Institute of Information Security and Dependability (KASTEL). of the KIT. He received his PhD in 1998 and was professor at the University of Koblenz-Landau for Formal Methods and Artificial Intelligence until 2009. Since 2009, he then headed the Chair for Application-Oriented Formal Verification in Karlsruhe, which at that time was part of the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (ITI).

Bernhard Beckert is concerned with the practical application of formal, logic-based methods for the specification, verification, and analysis of software to increase the reliability and security of critical systems.

The focus of his research is particularly on the application areas:

  • Verification of functional properties and software reliability
  • Verification of relational properties and software evolution
  • Verification of information flow properties and IT security
  • Verification of social choice algorithms and voting methods