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FZI Living Lab Security and Law

IT security between legal issues and the Internet of Things

Cyberattacks and industrial espionage are current threats to companies and private individuals. IT systems are often easy to attack and therefore a risk. Many responsible individuals and users lack insight into current challenges and possible solutions.

In the FZI Living Lab Security and Law, we make users aware of security challenges in a clear and everyday way and demonstrate how solutions for more security can be implemented. Current research projects are used as well as practical demonstrations on various topics.

In addition, legal research questions in connection with IT will be illustrated. For instance, what potential modern information technology has to make legal issues tangible and accessible, or what rights and obligations arise with autonomous IT systems? Who is liable in the event of accidents or IT security incidents? With these and other questions, we present the intertwining of law and IT security.

The focus of our research is on the following topics:

  • Hardware security
  • Cryptography
  • Secure software development
  • Network Security
  • IT Security Management
  • Legal aspects (for example, data protection or liability)

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Experiment: Furby home alone – dangerous functions of a children’s toy

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