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FZI Living Lab Software Innovations

Innovations by and for software engineering

In the FZI Living Lab Software Innovations, the FZI develops, tests, and demonstrates new ideas for the entire software lifecycle, such as development methods like DevOps or tools for software and architecture analysis. We share methods of efficient engineering-based software development with our partners to reduce costs and improve the user experience through better plannability and higher software quality.

The focus of our research is on the following topics:

  • Automated digital processes for cyber-physical systems
  • Apps and software platforms for intermodal mobility
  • Augmented reality for process and data visualization
  • Security-by-Design, Privacy-by-Design and Techno-Legal-Co-Design
  • Using methods such as Architectural Blueprinting and Process Blueprinting, the FZI supports its partners in implementing an individual transformation process for digitalization

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