FZI Living Lab Security and Law

Demonstration of applied cyber security research, legal research and awareness

In the FZI Living Lab smartSecurity, we do participatory research for small and medium-sized enterprises on ICT security solutions of the future.

Cyber attacks and economic espionage are current threats to which business and society are increasingly exposed. The affected parties often do not even notice such incidents, since resources and specialised employees concerned with IT security, especially in companies, are rare. Current IT systems that are in use are often vulnerable and not secure.

Most security solutions are extremely complex for end users and their integration into existing infrastructures is cost-intensive. This is why the researchers in the FZI Living Lab smartSecurity work on the following topics: 

  • Promoting a better understanding of security issues in SMEs and raising awareness through security awareness campaigns that present IT security solutions and their functioning to users in a transparent and communicative way
  • Developing automated analysis methods for software systems regarding potential vulnerabilities in individual system components through architecture analysis
  • Research and development of IT security measures for embedded systems as well as know-how protection, authenticity and integrity