FZI Living Lab Industrial Intelligence

Methods, Technologies and Equipment

In order to make the knowledge transfer of the research results developed in this laboratory as practice-oriented as possible, the FZI Living Lab Industrial Intelligence offers an extensive infrastructure for the construction of demonstrators:

  • A 3D screen wall and virtual reality (VR) glasses for the development and testing of 3D-based applications and simulations
  • "Apache StreamPipes (incubating)" is a self-service toolbox for easy data connection, analysis and exploration for Industrial IoT. StreamPipes was initiated at the FZI Living Lab Industrial Intelligence and is now being further developed by the FZI as a project of the Apache Software Foundation.
  • Application examples for the use of edge / edge-cloud / fog computing technologies, such as Fogsy.io. Fogsy is an innovative FZI framework for fog computing that simplifies the deployment and operation of industrial AI applications, especially for SMEs.
  • Security by design development tool: Model-based security analyses of industrial systems with methods that take standards such as IEC 62433 into account and support the evaluation of attack trees, threat and impact as well as security levels.
  • Demonstrators for the evaluation of shared control and force feedback applications.
  • Numerous other technologies used in research and development work.