FZI Living Lab Industrial Intelligence

The Industry of Tomorrow

In the FZI Living Lab Industrial Intelligence, we research and develop methods and concepts for intelligent systems in industrial contexts. The laboratory is an ideal platform for the interdisciplinary cooperation with partners from research and industry on innovative technologies in the fields of automation, production, logistics and industrial mobility.

Our main research topics are:

  • Automation: Cost pressure, the shortage of skilled workers and the demographic change pose major challenges for companies. At the same time, innovative automation approaches offer a lot of potential in order to meet these challenges.
  • Production: Increasingly complex customer requirements with decreasing batch sizes and increasing deadline pressure require intelligent approaches for the planning and controlling of orders and production processes.
  • Logistics: Global supply chains require not only continuous monitoring, but also intelligent decision support - from the multimodal prediction of arrival times to intralogistical optimisation processes.
  • Industrial Mobility: Autonomous driving is increasingly finding its way into so-called low-risk vehicles such as industrial trucks, work machines or load wheels. These applications considerably differ from available approaches in their framework conditions, making them an attractive field of research.

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