Methods, technologies and equipment

In the FZI House of Living Labs, electricity is generated by decentralised generators. Therefore, a photovoltaic system with a storage system and a modern inverter was installed. A thermal power station provides additional thermal energy used for heating in winter and for driving an adsorption refrigerator in summer. Thermal buffer storages make it possible to partly decouple energy generation from consumption. The systems are connected by various building automation systems (e.g., KNX, HabiTEQ, wEnergy).

In the FZI Living Lab smartHome/AAL, home appliances, smart plugs and gateways are extended by communication interfaces for integration into the energy management system. An energy management panel visualises energy flows in the building and works as an interaction interface between the energy management system and the user.

The technical Equipment of the FZI House of Living Labs
The solar Panels on the roof of the FZI House of Living Labs.
The components for heating and cooling
Part of the network in the FZI House of Living Labs
Controlled by intelligent algorithms the Hardware can stabilize the network.
The networks in the FZI House of Living Labs
The installed infrastructure allows the usage and linking of a lot of different devices in a small Smart Grid.
The Energie Management Panel.