Research and development for the energy system of the future

The FZI Living Lab smartEnergy is an interdisciplinary research environment for the investigation of solutions for the energy system of the future. The entire FZI House of Living Labs was equipped with modern technology for the decentralised energy generation, storage and flexible consumption of electrical and thermal energy.

Our energy system is confronted with major challenges caused by the change it is undergoing from centralised energy generation through conventional power plants to the highly decentralised energy generation through renewable energies. In particular, the highly fluctuating supply from renewable sources requires new solutions since power supply and demand in the grid always have to be balanced. In the FZI Living Lab smartEnergy, we develop ICT-based solutions to meet the following challenges:

  • Efficient control of energy flows in buildings by leveraging flexibilities of consumers and producers
  • Practical development and evaluation of methods, procedures and infrastructural components for energy management systems in buildings
  • Integration of adequate interfaces within buildings and between buildings and the future smart grid in order to make an essential contribution to the stability and reliability of the future energy system
In the smartHome all the devices are connected with each other and it is possible to control and protocol their energy consumption.
The photovoltaik-plant on the roof of the FZI House of Living Labs.
The generic ICT-infrastructure allows the interaction with a lot of producer, consumer and the memory units as well as the smart grid.
The user has interactive access on the energy management in the whole building by the energy management panel (developed by Mr. Becker).
Realtime-visualization of the energy flows in the energy management panel.

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