Projects and partners of the FZI Living Lab smartEnergy

  • EGO: With the assistance of the FZI, the traditional company E.G.O. ElektroGerätebau GmbH Oberderdingen investigates the integration of modern domestic appliances into energy management systems of buildings.
  • Smart Grid Integration: In the project Smart Grid Integration the FZI focuses on the research of concepts and strategies making the charging of batteries in electric vehicles controllable for the operators of power grids. The project results will be an important component for future power grids in cities and municipalities.
  • AUTOPLES: The project AUTOPLES encompasses automated parking and loading of electric vehicles.
  • IeMM: Within this project, an integral mobility solution is designed and realised prototypically. The aim is to establish an intermodal connection between electrified as well as non-electrified mobility systems of private and public operators.
  • GreenNavigation: The project GreenNavigation is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the cluster “Electric Mobility South-West”. The project aims at optimising the range of electric vehicles. To this end, novel driving concepts, modern communication technologies, and development tools are intelligently linked with each other.