David Wölfle

Portrait von David Wölfle
David Wölfle
Intelligent Systems and Production Engineering

David Wölfle studied mechanical engineering in Karlsruhe. During his master studies he focused on wind energy technology and researched data sources for wind resource estimation. After graduating as Master of Science from Flensburg University of applied Applied Sciences in 2015, David worked as a R&D scientist at EWC Weather Consult GmbH (now UBIMET GmbH), where he designed and implemented software components for the estimation and predication of renewable energy power production. In 2016 David has been promoted to a team manager at EWC Weather Consult where he was responsible for the software engineering within the product development and as well as the design and execution of the project management. Besides these duties, he also developed innovative methods for estimating power production of airborne wind energy converters, using high-resolution meteorological data and machine learning methods.

Since early 2018 David works as a research scientist at FZI Research Center for Information Technology in the field of smart energy. His research focuses thereby on self-learning energy management systems using reinforcement learning techniques.

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