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Mobility- & Activity-based Planning Assistant

Individual mobility is a critical factor for the economic success of a society. It is particularly important for fostering the compatibility of career and family.

Currently, private cars are seen as the only mode of transportation suitable for both complex and flexible daily routines. This is partly an acceptance and perception problem over alternative modes of transportation as well as multimodal mobility. These are often viewed as unreliable alternatives. Today, mobility and route planning only takes place in the context of the primary mode of transportation. Alternative modes of transportation are only considered for the last mile.

The MobAPlan project aims to show the technical feasibility of the integrated planning of daily activities together with the resulting mobility demand. A planning assistant (MobAPlan) will be designed and implemented as a prototype to support users in planning their daily activities, while considering their individual mobility preferences and health goals.


Christoph Becker

Vice Division Manager
Division: Software Engineering

Research focus

Intelligent Transportation Systems and Logistics

Intelligent solutions for the transportation of people and goods represent a focus topic of FZI’s application research. Particular attention is paid to public transport, the application of artificial intelligence, the further development of driving functions and their safeguarding, and open source & open data.

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