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David Sayah
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Information Process Engineering


1. Scheduling heating tasks on parallel furnaces with setup times and conflicts.
Julia Lange, Philipp Fath, David Sayah, 2022, in: Trautmann, N., Gnägi, M. (eds) Operations Research Proceedings 2021. OR 2021. Lecture Notes in Operations Research. Springer, Cham.

2. Angebotsplanung in dynamischen Produktionsnetzwerken.
Eike Broda, David Sayah, Michael Freitag, 2021, in: wt Werkstattstechnik online 111(03), 147–151.

3. Optimal booking control in revenue management with two substitutable resources.
David Sayah, Stefan Irnich, 2019, in: Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, 89(2), 189-222.

4. A new compact formulation for the discrete p-dispersion problem.
David Sayah, Stefan Irnich, 2017, in: European Journal of Operational Research, 256(1), 62-67.

Working Papers
1. Continuous-Time Formulations for Multi-Mode Project Scheduling.
David Sayah, under review.

2. Locating Mobile Service Facilities with Customer Choice via Generalized Benders Decompositon and Outer Approximation.
Viktor Bindewald, David Sayah, Stefan Nickel


1. jDecOR Pojo Template.
Philipp Fath, David Sayah, 2021

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