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Blockchain-based health data management

Start: 03/2020

End: 02/2023

In the German healthcare system, patient-related data is collected and managed independently by various actors. Especially during transitions, for example from inpatient hospital treatment to rehabilitation or home environment, information gaps occur – data relevant to patient care is not available.

In response, the BloG³ research project is developing a blockchain-based, decentralised data and rights management system to make the scattered data stored in an individual health profile securely available, using the specific example of oncology patients. This networking of distributed health data can enable personalised medical care for the general population and thus more efficient treatment. At the same time, it allows medical institutions to integrate and automate cross-organisational processes: a digital platform enables transparent access to health data at any time, with full data sovereignty being retained by the individuals concerned, who determine the use of their data.

In addition to its role as consortium coordinator and project initiator, the FZI is responsible for mapping information coordination processes in blockchain-based health data management systems.


Christoph Zimmermann

Department Manager
Division: Embedded Systems and Sensors Engineering

Research Focus

Climate Action Innovation

The research focus Climate Action Innovation aims to actively promote climate protection and create sustainable solutions in energy, mobility, production, and supply and disposal via IT innovations. Security aspects of the solutions are considered from the very onset.

Funding notice:
The BloG3 project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the framework of the research program on human-machine interaction (Forschungsprogramm Mensch-Technik-Interaktion).

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